June 5, 2018


Ad City brings to you the list of Rumoured contestants of Bigg Boss Season 12. So hold on to your seats and read this exclusive blog by Ad City.

  1. Sunil Grover

  2. Bhuvan Bam 

  3. Mouni Roy

  4. Aditya Pancholi

  5. Nia Sharma

  6. Sapna Vyas Patel

  7. Raj Sigh Arora

  8. Kritika Kamra

  9. Radhe Maa

  10. Naitik Nagda

  11. Jaswant Singh

Sunil Grover

Sunil Grover is one of the famous comedian actors of Bollywood and Tv show. He works in various Comedy drama shows in which the most famous character of Sunil Grover as Gutthi in Comedy Knight With Kapil Show. And The Kapil Sharma Show he also played the main character whose name is Dr.Mashoor Gulati or sometimes Rinki Bhabhi. So these are the famous character of Sunil Grover.


He Was born in Punjabi Family of Mandi Dabwali, in Sirsa District, Haryana. And His dad was a Manager in Bank. He also has an Elder Sister. Sunil Grover also has seen in some Bollywood movies so I think He would be the Bigg Boss 12 Contestant.

Bhuvan Bam

Bhuvan Bam is an Indian Comedian, Singer, and a Famous YouTuber. He was Born in Baroda and grow up in Delhi. And He started his career as a Musician Performing in Bars and Restaurants. After this, he started composing his own songs. His best single song is “Teri Meri Kahani”.

          Bhuvan Bam Bigg Boss Season 12 Contestant

He completed his schooling at Green Fields School in New Delhi. And his Graduation from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College. After this, He uploaded his comedy Video on YouTube, and his Goal was to cross 1M views which he achieved very quickly. Currently, he is one of the most subscribed YouTuber in India. He is known by its YouTube Channel BB Ki Vines. And He also works in The Bachelors of TVF (The Viral Fever) and in Haffi Fi’s Bro Court. 

Mouni Roy

Mouni Roy is one of the famous Indian Television Actress and Model. She played a Lead Role of Shivanya Ritik Singh & Shivangi Rocky Pratap Singh in the Show Naagin. She also played a role of Meera in Tv Serial Junoon  Aisi Nafrat Toh Kaisa Ishq. She also was a Contestant and the finalist of the Jhalak Dikhla Jaa in 2014.


                Mouni Roy Bigg Boss 12 Contestant

She was born on 28 September 1985 in Bengali Family of Cooch Behar’s Gandhi Colony, West Bengal. Her Grand Father Shekhar Chandra Roy Was a Jatra Theatre artist. And her father Anil Roy is an office superintendent of the Cooch Behar Zilla Parishad and mother Mukti Roy is a Theatre Artist. 

 Aditya Pancholi

Aditya Pancholi is one of the famous Indian Film Actor Producer and Playback Singer who appears in numerous if Bollywood movies as well as Tollywood movies. He was Born on 12 September 1964, in a Pancholi family. His father Rajan Pancholi and mother Aruna Pancholi both are the filmmaker.

            Aditya pancholi would be Bigg Boss 12 Contestant

He is famous for his negative role because he started his career as a lead performer however discovered more accomplishment with supporting and negative roles. And he also got a Filmfare nomination for the Best Performance in a Negative Role for Yess Boss (1997). And he also came in Limelight when his affair with Kangana Ranaut come in front of Media.

And after that he gave a statement Aditya has lost himself and he could use Bigg Boss 12 to make a return. Aditya Pancholi’s Career was too small but a lot of controversies make his famous. 

Nia Sharma

           Bigg Boss 12 Contestant could be Nia Sharma

Nia Sharma is an Indian TV on-screen character. She assumed the part of Manvi in the drama Show Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai. She played the female lead Role of Roshni in the Jamai Raja show. Nia has likewise been a Contestant in Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi in 2017 and finished being among the main 5 finalists.

The Nia Sharma was ranked on No.3 in 2016 and No.2 in 2017 in the Top 50 Sexiest Asian Women List according to British Based Eastern Eye Newspaper

Nia Sharma was born on 17 September 1990 in Delhi. And her Real Name is Neha Sharma but she changed his name as she found it is common. She completed her schooling from JIMS Rohini, Delhi. She has one elder brother and she is very close to her Mother. 

 Riya Sen

In the event that you are a late 80’s or mid 90’s conceived, at that point you should have without a doubt viewed Riya Sen films. She is a mainstream performer and had been in different well-known motion pictures like Jhankar Beats, Style and a couple of something beyond. At first, She was going extremely well in her motion pictures yet her acting profession couldn’t take off to statures.

                Riya Sen as Bigg Boss 12 Contestants

She also feels in a disputable MMS of her and consequently, her profession couldn’t resuscitate after that. Additionally, Now we may get an opportunity to see her on Small screen as one of the members of Bigg Boss 2018. 

Sapna Vyas Patel

Sapna Vyas Patel is a YouTube Video Blogger, Fitness Columnist – Ahmedabad Mirror, Motivational Speaker. She got celebrated in the wake of losing 33 Kg weight in one year.

             Sapna Vyas Patel Bigg Boss 12 Contestant

Sapna used to weigh 86 Kg and inside 1 year she decreased her weight to 53 Kg. She now helps people in diminishing weight by giving tips by methods for Facebook, YouTube, and other casual correspondence locales. 

 Raj Sigh Arora

Raj Sigh Arora is an Indian Television Actor, and he is best known for its famous character Yuvraj Dev/Yuvi in STAR One Show Remix. Then he played a role of Mihir Arora on Tv Show Ye Hai Mohabbatein which is telecast on STAR Plus.

                 Bigg Boss Contestant Raj Singh Arora

Jaswant Singh

Jaswant Singh (born 11 March 1991) is a professional model and he is also a second Runner up of Star Of India. He is a founder of pharmaceutical. He is a Social Worker



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I think this move makes lot of money and hit the all time super hit, Because Dhanush is the best director of the file and he is new thought director and creativity, he had best team in Tamil Industry. Hope all the best to Dhanush, He has to prove he’s uncle value an image.

Free Download Kaala Movie on Torrentz

Superstar Rajinikanth’s highly anticipated tentpole film Kaala is finally set for a grand release worldwide. After disappointing audience and trade circles with Kabali last year, Rajinikanth and Ranjith Pa have teamed up again for Kaala which is set in the backdrop of Mumbai.
Featuring an ensemble cast in the form of Nana Patekar, Huma Qureshi, Sampath and few others, Kaala showcases Rajinikanth as a saviour of masses who fights for the oppressed dwelling in Mumbai slums. The trailers and teasers have received a roaring response from audience.
After good round of promotions, Kaala is releasing today. Can the Rajini – Ranjith combo deliver a big hit this time. Let’s find out.

Kaala is a movie that showcases slum people fighting against local leaders, who are planning on encroaching Dharavi for ‘Pure Mumbai’ project.
There is not much from story front in first half except setting premise for a confrontation between Kaala and Hari Dada.
The direction is realistic. Pa. Ranjith has discussed slum people issues well. Many dialogues help Rajinikanth political aspirations

Watch The Trailer of KAALA here:
Kaala Movie Trailer Telugu
Kaala Movie Trailer Tamil
Kaala Movie Trailer Hindi

AdCity brings to you the audience reaction of Rajinikanth’s new film “Kaala”.Let’s find out how well the movie has gone down with the audience and what are their views on the movie.
Sathish Kumar M: If #Kabali is 100% Ranjith film, #Kaala is 75% Ranjith Film. Scenes between Superstar with 2 heroiens @humasqureshi & #Eswari has come out well. Interval block was good. Second half could have been much better
#Kaala – Movie picks up speed after @humasqureshi introduction. @beemji has given more importance to actor Rajinikanth than our Mass Superstar. Thalaivar impresses in romance, comedy & fight scenes. Interval block is a big treat for Thalaivar fans
#KaalainVettri #kaala Thalaivar is always the one & only Superstar of indian cinema. Seeing lots of family crowd for 4 AM Show @ @VettriTheatres

Rohit Venkatraman: #Kaala – What starts as a @rajinikanth film ends as what @beemji perceived it . Superstar’s electrifying screens presence & dialogues are a major pull factor & i personally felt the plot in the 2nd half revolved around the current happenings in the state Rating – 3 / 5 Abv Avg
Kaushik LM: #Kaala – Felt that it’s far far better than #Kabali. @beemji has learnt his lesson and delivers a film which will appeal to majority of viewers, Superstar #Rajinikanth fans & also his core ‘arasiyal padam’ audience. And yes, he strongly forces his political ideology into the film
#Kaala 2nd half top takkar.. Sema
#Blockbuster! Podra repeatta!
My rating 3.5/5

#Kaala 1st half – The illustrations which present the flashback between Kaala & Zarina will be a big treat for Superstar #Rajinikanth fans. His vintage look, style and charisma have been sketched so well. Grt work
Waiting for the 2nd half to take off. Kaala vs Hari Dada!
#Kaala 1st half – Terrific interval block confrontation between Kaala & Hari Dada and the preceding rain fight, leave the crowd in high spirits. #NikkalNikkal #Superstar #Rajinikanth is at his very best compared to all his recent films. Evergreen .
Largely unhurried pace!
Haricharan Pudipeddi: Scenes between #Rajinikanth and @humasqureshi work beautifully, proving that on screen romance can be mature yet heartwarming. Huma is a revelation in a role she owns comfortably, never going overboard in portraying the right emotions.
Halfway through #Kaala . We get a #Rajinikanth, who is so comfortable in his shoes, owning some scenes with the kind of charisma that’s rare to see. On the story front, @beemji establishes the premise strongly without any distractions.
Hari: Considering Tamil nadu’s current gloomy industrial exploitation and political downfall, #kaala has some hefty dialogues , capitalising on little details like water served to a guest has ranjiths phenomenal touch. #Rajinikanth acting his age with wit and mass is a delight to watch
Shiva: #Kaala: The director has covered a lot of stuff in 150 mins – communalism (Rajni’s son), communism (people demanding bigger temples), politics, exploitation of poor by the rich, caste-divisions within the society and the whole Ram vs Raavan thing…
#Kaala is a very powerful film. The more you think about it, the more it grows on you. Over the time, this will be regarded as a classic.
#Kaala is a very powerful film. The more you think about it, the more it grows on you. Over the time, this will be regarded as a classic.
Christopher Kanagaraj: #Kaala | 1st hlf – Family drama with light political touch. Superstar’s simple intro; superb perf by all d actors. Gud camera, bgm & art work. ‘Zareena – Kaala’ first meet scene & interval block super. Less mass scenes, pretty lengthy! Waiting for Superstar – Nana Patekar clash.
#Kaala | 2nd hlf – Full of protest ‘Land is our right’ , Superstar mass is completely missing. Nana Patekar was literally wasted. Dead Old story & Uninteresting screenplay. Expected a Rajini film, but its actually a half baked Pa Ranjith film. ‘Porattam Poraattam..’ Kabali
Dhanvanth: This movie will refrain on the fact of what Rajini meant by anti-social elements while showing what Rajini is willing to offer when he comes into politics, and I hope the idiots who screamed that #Kaala will be a flop can brace themselves for the blockbuster of the year. (3/3)
@RajiniFollowers As an ardent Rajini fan I just finished watching the fdfs morning show for #Kaala in Canada, this movie is beyond beautiful in both story and visually. Not gonna say much cause I’m not gonna spoil it for @rajinikanth fans. (1/3)

SOHAIL KHAN: All in all, #Kaala is a pure #Rajinikanth paisa vasool film with award winning performance by @rajinikanth & @nanagpatekar. Well written script by @beemji. Sure shot
B-L-O-C-K-B-U-S-T-E-R. @wunderbarfilms @LycaProductions
⭐⭐⭐⭐ A Must watch
@nanagpatekar done a marvelous job as Harinath Desai. @humasqureshi performance is also good. Background score is just amazing by @Music_Santhosh. Action stunts are new and breathtaking!! Editing is average, it could be cut 10 minutes more. #Kaala (2/3)
Chitra: Going to bed on a high after watchin #kaala at singapore. not one dull moment!Loved the way the yearn of lost love was portrayed. #kannamma is beautifully haunting but especially loved the flashback portion. Brilliantly done @beemji @dhanushkraja @Music_Santhosh Thank u 4 #Kaala
Adcity expects Kaala to be another of Rajini’s Superhit film after Kabali and set new records in terms of gross earnings. As of now the movie has already made 230 cr even before its release from songs and other international releases.With this Adicty bids goodbye for now ,but will be back soon with other updates.Stay tuned till then and watch out this space for new updates.

Watch The Trailer of KAALA here:
Kaala Movie Trailer Telugu
Kaala Movie Trailer Tamil
Kaala Movie Trailer Hindi

Make no mistake. Kaala is an absolute Pa Ranjith film, and have no doubts, it is cut from the same cloth as Kabali. For one, both the films are about urban poverty and an underdog hero trying to save the day. But this time, Ranjith seems to have cracked the alchemy of exploiting Rajinikanth’s star power for his own good.
Adcity is here with an overall review of this new Thalaiva Movie which seem to promise something big on the silver screen.Here’s how the movie has fared uptil now.
Even the symbolism that Pa Ranjith is fond of, is replete in this film too, but this time… it works. The size of the photos of BR Ambedkar have become small now, and instead of a conspicuous close-up shot of the book My Father Balaiah, we have Ravana Kaviyam just lying in a corner of the frame in Kaala. Ranjith seems to have identified his past mistakes!

To talk about the story of Kaala, it is about a Dharavi-based gangster Karikalan, who is basically the king of the fort. This black-clad guy is the one who calls the shots in his chawl, and he will have the last word. And there is our white-clad villain, Haridada (played by Nana Patekar), the Mumbai politician, who just doesn’t show up at all for a very long time. But his presence is felt. He is everywhere in terms of posters and cutouts promising a clean and digital Dharavi. A dig at a certain someone?
Haridada is power hungry. He wants to replace Dharavi slums with skyscrapers and he has all the power to do it. But there is just one problem – Kaala.However, it is not Rajinikanth or Nana Patekar who steals the show in the first half. We get a terrific performance from Eswari Rao as Kaala’s wife Selvi. The romantic scenes between Kaala and Selvi are sights to behold. And top that with the ever-drunk Samuthirakani and his comedy stints. Kaala comes across as a brilliant family drama too.
Of all the leading characters in the film, the most under-written role has been given to Huma Qureshi ,who plays Kaala’s ex-lover Zareena. The way she enters the script also looks a bit contrived. But her purpose in the film is to be the catalyst that makes the Kaala-Selvi chemistry work.
Pa Ranjith keeps talking of ideologies. Kaala seems to be the personification of his ideas. The dialogue “Ellarum Kaala thaan (Everyone is Kaala),” which comes at the tail end of the film, sums up the entire film. And it takes some serious guts to make an ambiguous and abstract climax like this one in a Rajinikanth film.
Adcity would rate the movie 3 out of 5 for its slow paced narration may fail to keep the audience intact. However one should never doubt the power of Rajnikanth and his superb acting skills which are sure to add the extra bit to the movie. Huma Qureshi has also done a very fine job in her role as Zareena,Kaala’s Love Interest.Do watch the movie for an amazing performance by the two actors and the nerve wracking action scenes.

Watch The Trailer of KAALA here:
Kaala Movie Trailer Telugu
Kaala Movie Trailer Tamil
Kaala Movie Trailer Hindi