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The success of a brand’s marketing strategy depends on the channels used to obtain high return on investment and maximum customer engagement. With social media, search engines and smart phones becoming a part of an individual’s life, email marketing has by and far emerged as the most profitable means of marketing. Used appropriately, email marketing presents a way to reach potential and existing customers in an organized and innovative way. Email marketing provides the capability to reach a large network of existing and new customers, in a targeted manner. In doing so, the conversion rate for gaining customer engagement per marketing campaign increases drastically.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Low Investment

With email marketing, companies can do away with the costs incurred with other marketing channels. There is no printing cost involved, nor fees for billboards, Television screen time or space in print media. The only investments required are for software for designing, automating and analyzing marketing campaigns.

Maximum Outreach

When executed well, email marketing can ensure the maximum outreach for a brand. Since the target audience is selected based on their interest in the brand or associated industry, segmentation can be avoided, thereby reaching clients who are the most probable to become you customers. Also, at the click of a button, email marketing has the capacity to reach recipients worldwide, and no extra cost.

Greater Customer Engagement

Email Marketing campaigns allow recipients to engage better with the brands. Most campaigns contain a specific call to action, like clicking the link to grab a discount or updating some details for an offer. This type of active engagement is lesser in other channels of communication compared to email marketing.

AdCity Mart Email Marketing Platform

AdCityMart.com is an email-marketing platform designed and developed to maximize the marketing of your business. It is one of the first such services to be made available in India. AdCity Mart India’s leading permission-based email marketing platform, helps brands reach their target group effectively at a minimal cost.